Cummins Incal

Cummins Incal

Cummins Incal

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Cummins INCAL – ECM Calibrations [08.2017]

Size: 24,79Gb

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish etc.

Region: All regions

Type: Service Information

Win: WinXP, Vista, Windows7

System requirements: Cummins Insite

Disk 1 DVD Download Size: 7.0 Gb

Disk 2 DVD Download Size: 7.0 Gb

Disk 3 DVD Download Size: 5.5 Gb

SIR DVD (Updated Quarterly)

Disk Size: 5 Gb

RMI DVD (Update Quarterly)

Disk Size: 293 Mb

Year: 01.2017

Date of update: 01.2017s

Pass: Thanks + PM Email “”

The Incal is a set of 3 DVDs which contain the latest revision of the ECM calibrations. They are released and sent out monthly to Incal Subscribers. Please contact your Cummins distributor for more information.

Incal cd’s are Cummins ecm calibration files cd’s, comes in a set of four CD. One customer wants it and upgrade the horse power with the same engine in the cpl or range, or with thru Insite Insite pro calibration software and password he is able to Calibrate an ecm That has an existent or previous calibration in it. Let say I have a Cummins engine N14 cpl 1574 370 horse power thru Insite pro with calibration files (in inch CD’s) and superseded or find for cpl 1574 The Higher horse power available in the in-inch CD’s and reprogram ecm with it, using these calibration password and the proper count Cummins Inline Adapter 5. They May Be Cd for ism or isx, cd, 3 May Be for N14 or M11, and so on.

Cummins INCAL can be used with Cummins Insite software.

What is INCAL?

The INCAL DVD contains all the MidRange and Heavy-Duty calibrations for EPA 2013 and beyond automotive applications. For the INCAL DVDs details, please see the listings below.

What is Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI)?

For heavy duty vehicles, such as buses or trucks, RMI provisions were introduced by co-decision Regulation 595/2009 (Euro VI), the implementing measures were introduced in 64/2012 which requires that Cummins Inc provide the applicable INSITE calibrations to interested parties not affiliated with the Cummins Authorised service channel.

INSITE Pro version 8.1.4 will be needed to access calibrations on this INCAL DVD and calibrations that were saved from QSOL or INSITE’s ECM/PDD Code Search after July 25, 2016. This free update will be pushed to all licensed users of INSITE Pro. Older versions of INSITE Pro will not recognize calibrations on this INCAL DVD or those saved after July 25, 2016. INSITE functionality and the process to retrieve and install calibrations has not changed.

December 2016 RMI INCAL DVD-ROM Content:

ISB4.5 CM2350

ISB4.5 CM2350 B104

ISB6.7 CM2350

ISB6.7 CM2350 B103

ISF3.8 CM2350 F109

ISF3.8 CM2350 F120

ISL 8.9 CM2350 L111

ISL G – CM2180/CM2380

ISL9 CM2350 L119

*The engine product(s) in bold are new products released on the RMI INCAL DVDs.

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